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Automated Application

Coonlocken specialise in bandolier wrapping. This wrapping format allows the products to be applied by automated applicators at high speeds.
Coonlocken offer the largest selection of bandolier products in the world and can supply various drinking straws and cutlery items in this format.

These applicators can apply ±10,000 to ±45,000 items per hour, depending on the product and the applicators capability.
Cutlery items that are supplied in bandolier can be found here.

Products can be applied to the side, top, bottom, or even the middle of split pots. For more information please contact us.

Video 1 – Automated Application

Video 2 – Top Application

Video 3 – Split Pot Application

Video 4 – Split Pot Application

Video 5 – Spoon to Lid Application

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