Ian Hetherington, Managing Director

We developed Yowk in 2014 and launched the product in 2015. Yowk won Fresh Idea Award and Best Convenience Award at the IFE 2015 awards. Our product is highly innovative; it’s a pre-cooked egg, which simply requires reheating to achieve the perfectly cooked soft boiled egg. We are targeting the convenient food sector and the product is an ideal healthy snack, for breakfast, lunch or anytime in-between. A key component to developing our concept was to ensure we had the right spoon to allow the consumer crack the egg shell and eat the egg, while on the go. We worked with Coonlocken and their design team from the start and are really happy with the finished spoon. Coonlocken were able to deliver the project from concept right through to finished product. We made numerous different prototypes in developing the perfect Spooth® (the innovative spoon with a tooth) and Coonlocken were a great team to work with.

Tesco Buyer

We wanted to design bespoke cutlery items and we found Coonlocken’s design team to be the perfect solution. The design team are highly creative and were able to turn around drawings quickly. Furthermore the design process was made straight forward and didn’t take long. At all stages Coonlocken kept us in the loop and were able to turn our design concept into a real tangible product. We are very happy with the final product they supplied as they were high quality and well moulded.